Christopher Cote

Christopher Cote the boy wonder! He is only 19 years old as is already making a name for himself in the professional modeling world. He is of East Indian and French Canadian descent and very passionate about sports and twice as much about modeling.
I did an impromptu shoot with Christopher. I was in Quebec for a couple of days and had a couple of hours free. The shoot was with all natural and ambient lighting (I forgot my camera flash). I just had time to arrive when this still green behind the ears young Adonis shows up. I knew instantly that this was some one special. I looked through the view finder of my camera expecting to see a simple boy but instead what looked back at me was raw sensuality.
For some one without much experience, surprisingly he was very quick to take direction and use his body. And the physique….I don’t need to say much about that. You can see for yourselves. Now in a few short months, the wet behind the eyes guy has bloomed into one of the hottest models around. I would HIGHLY recommend him to any one who wants a very professional, hard working,beautiful, sensual and fun loving guy. He really does have wonderfully sweet personality. He is quick to smile and very serious about making it as a model. He is represented by Book Management


Adam Coussin face

In never before seen photos, here is Adam Coussins from Derby, England. Born in 1987, e is a LA Muscle sponsored athlete. His extensive portfolio is a succession of stunning sexy and edgy photos by some of the best photographers around. A pleasure to work with and a very nice person without a hint of ego. Very relaxed and comfortable with himself and his body. One of the more enjoyable shoots. I can understand why he is a favorite with photographers.



Silver Model represented Thierry Jean-Bart.  I had the pleasure of shooting this Haitian-American Model in New York. Prefect physique and all 100% natural. This star track and field athlete is truly a beauty in motion. I’ve never seen so much perfection as in this incredible representation of the male physique. Definitely a model that I hope we will be seeing a lot more of…on the track and in print.

I will be posting more of him later…I am sure there will be a demand….

My Meanderings I : Influences on my Photography

My Meanderings with be just me rambling on about  creativity, photography, art, models, and what every else comes to mind….

Cover web

After many request to see more of my work and giving up my strong reservations to post on the internet, I finally ceded and created this place, my Blog, as a way to display not only my work, but that of people that have inspired me or for whose work I have great respect.

I have been photographing for many years but have more recent become serious. I have gone from just taking pictures of things and places to trying to be  photographing creatively by concentrating on the male figure. I’ve gone in this direction after discovering the works of Von Gloeden, and the beefcake models of Lon of New York, AMG’s Bob Mizer. I love the posed photos of these periods. In their innocence they were quite erotic, masculine and creative.

In my more artistic photographic attempts I try to infuse my knowledge of art history and influences of the Baroque artist Caravaggio, sacred art, renaissance period works and Graeco-roman statuary.  Male Physiques. Shapes, masculine captured sensually through the medium of Photography. I try to emphasis the entire beauty of the male image and I don’t want have viewers gazing or concentrating only at certain areas…primarily the privates. I like to think that nude male is more than just a penis but an intergration of all parts. This I learn by studying the works of some of my fave photographers.

Influences on my work include some of my favorite photographers: John Healy, Dave La Chapelle, Steven Arnold, Duane Michaels, Greg Gorman, Pierre et Gilles, Maplethorpe, Jan Saudek…the list is long. These photographers succeed in presenting eroticism in a way that does not fall into vulgarity. Each find ways to creative and produce images with a high level of artistry and flare. Something that I hope people find in my imagery: Subtle, sensual eroticism expressed through the male form. Male Erotica.


Esteban Rodrique

When Esteban first walked through the door I thought, “Now here is a Model I can work with!” An exuberant personality, friendly playful attitude coming from the Normandy region of France he has only been at it for about 6 months prior to this shooting. A willing participant in my craziness and inspiring as a model I would gladly shoot him without a doubt and would whole-heartedly recommend him to any photographer who wants a highly professional serious model. And the eyes!


This is Edoardo, the Italian model from the Lombardia region of Italy. I have done multiple shoots with this model. He is not only attractive but very sensual and has an incredible sunny personality. He combines the Italian machismo when a touch of vulnerability.  If you wish to see more of this model, just let me know!