MY MEANDERING II – Who is Kevin Moore of Arteo Photo?

I decided to share a bit of an interview. It will help get a better prespective on what I do and why? It is not enough just to see a photograph but also know about the photographer behind it.

What got you into Photography?

Tourism. Traveling around the world and wanting to record what was around me. I had a Pentax k1000. That lead to more serious shooting of OBJECTS. Which lead to learning to also develop film and make my own prints. I started shooting male subjects by chance. A neighbor asked me to take some shots of him. At one point, I asked him to unbutton his shirt. I went to reload the film. I turned around and he was standing there BUTT NAKED. I pretended that is was all natural and just keep shooting. The following week, the village exhibitionist asked me to shoot him. I look at those images today and just cringed….LOL

Castel San Angelo - Vatican City

Why did you choose to focus on the male Body?

Being a professional dancer, I appreciate very much the line, shapes, design and aesthetics of a finely toned body, be it male or female. In all truthfulness I focus on the male form because it is much easier and cheaper than shooting female subjects. LOL


What is your favorite thing about what you do?

My favorite thing about what I do is to be able to extend my creative energies into producing something of relative beauty. Though I do no put my more artistic work on the internet (concepts based on baroque and renaissance art with a dash of graeco-roman sculpture), I still think I produce images that are aesthetically pleasing to see and which shows the model in the best light possible.

Bryan harem

What do you hope people get out of looking at your photographs?

I hope people are seduced by my images. I want people to see them and want to be in them. I want the image to be strong so that people see the whole image and not only the goodie bits. I want the viewer to see harmony, line, sensuality and images that communicate a thought, an expression, a pleasure. I want them to look and want more and more.


Who are some of your influences/favorite photographers from the pas? And who are some of your favorite photographers nowadays?

I have a Large collection of original Prints, entire out of print magazine collections and books, and many photobooks of my contemporaries. To really appreciate an image you must buy it or a well printed book of the image; downloading pictures from the internet does not do justice to the quality photographer’s work.

At certain periods of my development each of these artist has had a profound impact on my particular style and way of seeing imagery. I am not going to list them all…and not to forget the great renaissance and baroque period artists who taught me how to use light to create art and atmosphere.

Bob Mizer (and all the others pioneers of early male erotic photography in the 50-70’s), Wilhelm von Gloeden and Wilhelm von Pl├╝schow, Duane Michaels, Jan Saudek, Steven Arnold, Pierre et Giles, Isabel Munoz, Diane Arbus, Georges Platt Lynes, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, the incredible Dave la Chapelle, Howard Hoffman, the great John Healy, Andres Serrano, Ruvern Afanador, Duane Michaels, Tomas Benna (Cuban series), Mark Henderson, Rick Day, Greg Gorman, Mikel Marton….gosh the list goes on.