Ike Love

I have shot with Ike Love at least three times now and each time was a pleasure.  One of the few models that has earned the distinction of being one who I would shoot again and again. I LOVE me some IKE!! and hopefully you will too! This ethnically ambiguous model is a Brooklyn NY native and is known for his  killer physique, great personality and extreme professionalism.  Primarily an underwear model, he has posed for numerous photographers and graced many runways. If you want to see more and know more about this model, he is currently working on a showcase called THE IKE SHOW 2014 VIDEO LAUNCH – “Get out of Your Own Way”,  An inspirational underwear commercial where you get to see more of his great physique.  With the video launch “I want to transports you to a world that shows what possibilities  exist when you let your dreams take over your heart and not  fear and  doubt. Be sure to follow him on twitter: @ikelovenyc  Hey Ike! Can’t wait for our next shoot…

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