Brett Mitchel. I have shot before with this exotic man. I was thrilled when we were able to shoot again. Smart, intelligent and a beautiful person with whom to work. He brings a serenity and a calm sensuality to the session. His naturalness is indicative of his personality. His body is eroticism in motion which I attempt to capture in these images. Nothing but praise for this model.


Jago Umberti

This sunny personality shines down on us from California. Third generation Ital-American, Jago Umberti is a third year med student and still has time to hit the gym and get in a little surfing. Beautiful personality and a body that says it all.

I found him sunning himself on Will Rogers Beach in Santa Monica. We struck up a conversation and I asked if he would be interested in being photographed. He said he has never done anything similar but was curious to try. The session was wonderful. Here is a taste of some of the results. More to come later.

Admirers of my Images and Models…I am Back…!!

I am sorry that I have been absent and not been able to update my blog due to my work:The one that pays the bills. Some of you were concerned and I thank you for caring. All is Well! In the coming days, I will be offering you some new images to review. In the meantime, enjoy another great image of a wonderful model that I love shooting, Esteban Rodrique


Esteban Rodrique
Esteban Rodrique