Brett Mitchel. I have shot before with this exotic man. I was thrilled when we were able to shoot again. Smart, intelligent and a beautiful person with whom to work. He brings a serenity and a calm sensuality to the session. His naturalness is indicative of his personality. His body is eroticism in motion which I attempt to capture in these images. Nothing but praise for this model.


Jago Umberti

This sunny personality shines down on us from California. Third generation Ital-American, Jago Umberti is a third year med student and still has time to hit the gym and get in a little surfing. Beautiful personality and a body that says it all.

I found him sunning himself on Will Rogers Beach in Santa Monica. We struck up a conversation and I asked if he would be interested in being photographed. He said he has never done anything similar but was curious to try. The session was wonderful. Here is a taste of some of the results. More to come later.

Admirers of my Images and Models…I am Back…!!

I am sorry that I have been absent and not been able to update my blog due to my work:The one that pays the bills. Some of you were concerned and I thank you for caring. All is Well! In the coming days, I will be offering you some new images to review. In the meantime, enjoy another great image of a wonderful model that I love shooting, Esteban Rodrique


Esteban Rodrique
Esteban Rodrique

Shades of Color ll

Jeremiah Banner

Model: Jeremiah Banner                                                                                           Origin: United States                                                                                   Photographer: Kevin Moore                                                                                Location: Paris, France

Shades of Color l

I would like to propose a series of images dedicated to models of color that I have shot in the past. A tribute that salutes  a few of the many Shades of Color that encompasses our community. I wanted to give some space to a model group that is sometimes excluded from the main stream of things. I hope you enjoy this tasteful image, first of more to come in the Shades of Color series. Enjoy!

Alfred Hacker

Model: Alfred Ato Harker

Origin: Central Ghana

Photographer: Kevin Moore

Location: Turin, Italy

Edoardo Colosimo

Edoardo 13

I have had so many request and questions about this Edoardo that I just had to bring back this gorgeous Italian hunk!  This is a MAN in all senses of the word. Nothing twink about him. He has a smoldering inviting sensuality that makes you just want to beg to see more. So here is more of the amazingly gifted Edoardo. Oh by the way, there is also a video clip(!!!). You think the photos are hot>…!


Ike Love

I have shot with Ike Love at least three times now and each time was a pleasure.  One of the few models that has earned the distinction of being one who I would shoot again and again. I LOVE me some IKE!! and hopefully you will too! This ethnically ambiguous model is a Brooklyn NY native and is known for his  killer physique, great personality and extreme professionalism.  Primarily an underwear model, he has posed for numerous photographers and graced many runways. If you want to see more and know more about this model, he is currently working on a showcase called THE IKE SHOW 2014 VIDEO LAUNCH – “Get out of Your Own Way”,  An inspirational underwear commercial where you get to see more of his great physique.  With the video launch “I want to transports you to a world that shows what possibilities  exist when you let your dreams take over your heart and not  fear and  doubt. Be sure to follow him on twitter: @ikelovenyc  Hey Ike! Can’t wait for our next shoot…

Now Offering: Hot Backstage Session Videos

I am here enjoying Montreal. There are so many hot gorgeous guys running around that I don’t know where to look. I would love to photograph them all for you guys and girls! When I get a chance, I will try to post images of  Men of Montreal.

Until then, I leave you with something else. I have been trying my hand at doing videos of some of my models during the sessions. I know it is amateur, for now, but at least you get a bit more of the models.


The first will be Ukrainian Model Artur Dainese. If you are following me, you have seen him before here. Boy is he HOT! Take a more intimate peek by following the link.


Artur Dainese



Here is Italian Model Edoardo Colosimo. You have seen him before if you follow my site. He is definitely one of one of my favorite models! He is such a sweet guy but do not let that fool you… as you will see in the video. Definitely some one who will capture your attention! Enjoy!


Edoardo 13


Matthieu RiffiI wanted to bring Esteban back. I just saw him again in Paris. He is even better than before. Still the winning personality, fantastic physique and the love of being in front of of the camera.


Artur Dainese

Artur Dainese, originally from the Ukraine, is currently based in Milano where he is represented by Urban Management. This sexy Slavs, when not traveling or shooting, spends his time working out, doing sports and he keeps fit boxing.  He has a winning personality and goes for what he wants. I first photographed a naive but willing to learn Artur almost 3 years ago when he was just starting. He told me, in 3 years, I will be a model in Milano. He perfected his body, learned to use his sensuality and is now a very sought after model. Now that is determination! This is definitely one guy to watch. No matter what flag he carries, I am sure we would all like to be under his banner! I highly recommend him.


Jose Andres

Jose Andres, a beautiful model with the most incredible physique. He is a native of Montreal. It was a pleasure shooting with him. Very relaxed and respectful. Not to speak about those eyes. They are no contacts lenses. This is Natural Beauty. I just had to put the intro photo in color so as not to diminish the beauty of his eyes. His physique like his eyes is 100 percent natural as is his personality. I would highly recommend him to any photographer interested in shooting this physique model.



William GG. This young Sagittarius with steel blue eyes comes to us from Argentina. He starting modeling two year ago at the tender age of 18. Looking at his physique you can see that he is leaving behind the vestiges of boyhood and transitioning into that of manhood. His boyish looks are tinged with an awakening male sexuality…a sense of his own eroticism. He is also proof that you do not have to be a huge muscle bound model to be sensually attractive.  When not modeling, he is an accomplished musician and practices rowing.  William embodies that which I set out to do when photographing him: to create a feel of sensual  innocence that is  subtly provocative. Do you think I have achieved what I set out to do? Let me know.


Christopher Cote

Christopher Cote the boy wonder! He is only 19 years old as is already making a name for himself in the professional modeling world. He is of East Indian and French Canadian descent and very passionate about sports and twice as much about modeling.
I did an impromptu shoot with Christopher. I was in Quebec for a couple of days and had a couple of hours free. The shoot was with all natural and ambient lighting (I forgot my camera flash). I just had time to arrive when this still green behind the ears young Adonis shows up. I knew instantly that this was some one special. I looked through the view finder of my camera expecting to see a simple boy but instead what looked back at me was raw sensuality.
For some one without much experience, surprisingly he was very quick to take direction and use his body. And the physique….I don’t need to say much about that. You can see for yourselves. Now in a few short months, the wet behind the eyes guy has bloomed into one of the hottest models around. I would HIGHLY recommend him to any one who wants a very professional, hard working,beautiful, sensual and fun loving guy. He really does have wonderfully sweet personality. He is quick to smile and very serious about making it as a model. He is represented by Book Management


Adam Coussin face

In never before seen photos, here is Adam Coussins from Derby, England. Born in 1987, e is a LA Muscle sponsored athlete. His extensive portfolio is a succession of stunning sexy and edgy photos by some of the best photographers around. A pleasure to work with and a very nice person without a hint of ego. Very relaxed and comfortable with himself and his body. One of the more enjoyable shoots. I can understand why he is a favorite with photographers.