My Meanderings I : Influences on my Photography

My Meanderings with be just me rambling on about  creativity, photography, art, models, and what every else comes to mind….

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After many request to see more of my work and giving up my strong reservations to post on the internet, I finally ceded and created this place, my Blog, as a way to display not only my work, but that of people that have inspired me or for whose work I have great respect.

I have been photographing for many years but have more recent become serious. I have gone from just taking pictures of things and places to trying to be  photographing creatively by concentrating on the male figure. I’ve gone in this direction after discovering the works of Von Gloeden, and the beefcake models of Lon of New York, AMG’s Bob Mizer. I love the posed photos of these periods. In their innocence they were quite erotic, masculine and creative.

In my more artistic photographic attempts I try to infuse my knowledge of art history and influences of the Baroque artist Caravaggio, sacred art, renaissance period works and Graeco-roman statuary.  Male Physiques. Shapes, masculine captured sensually through the medium of Photography. I try to emphasis the entire beauty of the male image and I don’t want have viewers gazing or concentrating only at certain areas…primarily the privates. I like to think that nude male is more than just a penis but an intergration of all parts. This I learn by studying the works of some of my fave photographers.

Influences on my work include some of my favorite photographers: John Healy, Dave La Chapelle, Steven Arnold, Duane Michaels, Greg Gorman, Pierre et Gilles, Maplethorpe, Jan Saudek…the list is long. These photographers succeed in presenting eroticism in a way that does not fall into vulgarity. Each find ways to creative and produce images with a high level of artistry and flare. Something that I hope people find in my imagery: Subtle, sensual eroticism expressed through the male form. Male Erotica.